Why I’m starting to despise The Natural Hair Movement


The Natural Hair Movement to me is a movement  which started off as: strength,confidence,self acceptance, and empowering women of color to let go of the chemicals and weaves and embrace their natural God giving beauty ,has now ran off course and has turned into a disaster.

Now the once free spirit movement ,has turned its self into a Nazi of women ,imposing their own rules and regulations on women of color (or perhaps women in general) on what is  considered natural, in order to join the club.


Natural hair nazi: A person or group who has converted to natural and has become pro natural that they offend others.

You can find these hair nazis or police of women mostly on natural hair forums.Bashing those who hair texture isnt a 4c, a woman whose hair is flat ironed,blow dried, or even color treated hair.And I guarantee ,you’ll find a couple or if not hundreds of ignorant comments posted daily.

Two reasons I hate The Natural Hair Movement

1. Being biracial,a product of an African American father and a Korean mother. Im so sick and tired of women telling biracial’s thag they aren’t allowed to join the movement because of our hair textures and that we don’t share the same struggles when it comes to hair. The last time I checked biracial’s hair can range from wavy to the kinky

1 week ago, this is a conversation I overheard between my bf and his sister.

Her: “Hey J, do you know how I can get this hair straighter.”

Him:”Oh. Why don’t you ask Naomi?”

Her: “She has a different hair texture than me.”

By that time ,I was offended by her comment. Her assumptions was that I wouldn’t know anything about hair based on my hair texture. How would she know?.I spent years loathing my frizzy, thick curls.How I had two creamy cracks in my.26 years of life.(And my hair type 4B) Damage,fried and dried my curls to the point some of my hair fell out.All because I was so ashamed of my curls I couldn’t see the uniqueness and beauty of it. All I could think of at the time was trying to fit into the european standards of beauty. I had gotten weaves because I was so insecure of my short hair.And cared to much of peoples opinions and societies veiw’s on short hair as unfeminine..


Another recent example would be Alicia Keys . Who has came under attack by the hair Nazis. After posting a picture of her big chop.

The definition of a
[Big chop in mostly hair nazis mind is usually is: Big chop is the process of cutting off the relaxed or permed ends of one’s hair when she is transitioning from chemically processed hair to natural hair.

A big chop to me is any women of chopping a significant amount of damaged ,dry or split ends hair. Rather it is due to years of heat damage, color,perms,relaxers, weaves,extensions and etc.


“THIS is NOT considered a BIG CHOP! Alicia is of mixed races. She has ALWAYS been natural. This will contribute to the uneducated (@natural hair) who THINK when they. Do BIG CHOP their hair will look like this & be THIS texture. NIKKI PLEASE CHANGE TITLE!! It should say great hair cut or something. She looks great!” article and comment was posted at curlynikki

2.Natural Hair is more of a trend that will become a fad real soon.

I feel now that since natural hair has hit mainstream. Companies only see $. AA products is a 181.1 mil business. Why wouldn’t companies jump into that prospect in bringing in extra $$.The percentage of women decline use of relaxers has increased 10% since.2010 from 23% to 33%in 2011. Also let me not forget about some women are only jumping on the wagon because NATURAL is IN. But what would happen when the natural hair trend starts to fade away just like many other trends in the past? Which will eventually happen. Will some of the women who decided to opt out from a relaxer decide to go back to a weave or relaxer?. Who knows. Only time can tell. And I really wish it would die real fast. So it can out those who truly did it for spiritual reasons or those who just did it for fashion.

We as women ,Our hair is our pride and joy.We take care of our hair like its our baby.We smile when our hairs grows,cry when cut,sweat to get that perfect hairstyle. And to judge another women hair length and texture and deny her right to feel empowered by the natural movement all because you strongely feel its only limited to black women with kinky coils or curls is ignorance at is highest. If this turned a bunch of grown women into high school teenage girls. Then I don’t want to join the club.


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